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Each classroom has a weekly 30-minute library skills class in addition to a checkout time
on a different day. (Kindergarten class/checkout is combined.) Our library teacher is
Mr. Emmert and Mrs. Geelan is Newby’s amazing library assistant. Books are usually checked
out for two weeks. Items may be brought in for renewal if others patrons are not waiting
to check them out.

Click to contact the librarian.


Lost or Damaged Materials

Please help your child take care of their library materials. If a thorough search does not
locate lost items, or if borrowed materials have been damaged, please consider the
following options:

Do not try to repair books at home. Have your child bring the item to the library and show us
the damage. We may be able to adequately repair it for continued library use.

·If items are irreparable or lost, they will need to be replaced in one of the following ways:

Pay for the cost of the item (cash or check made out to Newby School). If a lost book is later
found, we will be happy to refund the payment.

Donate a replacement book to the library of approximately equal value, interest, and condition.
 (Please include a note from a parent/guardian.)

If funds are limited, we suggest a visit to Goodwill’s book section for an appropriate but
 inexpensive replacement book.

Our goal is for students to develop responsible behaviors in borrowing and returning library items.
Thank you for helping them to follow through in a responsible manner.

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